Exercise Can Help with Memory Function

There have been many studies linking exercise to an overall healthier aging process. Physical activity keeps the body going and has been known to reduce disease rates among seniors. A recent put a real number on the effects that exercise has on the brain and how that translates to memory increase and preservation. Researchers at the University of Illinois conducted a study with a group of people in their 60s. Half of them were given an aerobic exercise routine for 1 year, which they followed religiously, the other half had no routine or guidelines to follow.

  • “Subjects in the aerobic exercise group increased average hippocampus volume in the left and right hemispheres by 2.12% and 1.97%, respectively, an average of just over 2%.
  • Over the same one-year interval, the control group that participated in non-aerobic stretching exercises displayed a 1.40% and 1.43% decline.
  • Within the control group, baseline fitness level was a determining factor in minimizing overall hippocampal volume loss.
  • An increase in hippocampal volume is directly correlated with improvements in memory.”

The results are pretty remarkable. Exercise inhibits the hippocampus from shrinking and can also increase the volume. The evidence doesn’t lie, exercise can help with memory function by preserving the memory space you have, and in many cases, gives you more space to work with. What do you think? Check out the article here.

– Georgetown Home Care