Non-Senior Home Care Services

We provide a range of adult home care services for individuals 18 years and older. Our non-senior home care services can be used to provide:

  • Personal care services for those with disabilities
  • Respite care for primary caregivers who need a break from caregiving
  • Assistance after a surgery or injury that limits routine mobility

We also offer supportive services for busy university students in our area via meal prep and general errands.

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Adult Home Care Services

Are you planning to have routine surgery or medical treatment that requires at-home assistance with daily tasks? Are you or a loved one in the midst of a lengthy illness or recovering from an illness that has left you weaker than normal?

Whatever your in-home care needs may be, Georgetown Home Care is the company you can trust.  When you choose us as your in-home care provider, you get access to:

  • Trained and licensed caregivers: our caregivers receive comprehensive training and official certifications as CNAs or HHAs.
  • A wide range of care options: we can provide direct hands-on assistance, help with meal prep, transportation services, or a number of other services.
  • Flexibility in scheduling: we offer our non-medical care for as long as 24 hours seven days a week to as little as a few hours one day a week.

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    Respite Care for Primary and Family Caregivers

    Caregiving is both a rewarding – and demanding – job. Parents, siblings and other family members often juggle full or part-time caregiving with their own jobs, family, and life responsibilities.

    Respite care provides a much-needed break. Our licensed professional caregivers can come in to relieve primary caregivers for a few hours, entire days or for longer periods of time to accommodate vacation or travel plans.

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    Grocery Shopping

    Healthy, nutritious meals are a cornerstone of health and wellbeing. However, planning, shopping for and preparing meals is time-consuming and requires particular skill sets, knowledge, and stamina. It also involves the ability to get to and from the grocery store on a regular basis.

    We’ll handle navigating the grocery store (and the trip there and back) for you or your loved one.

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    Bathing, Grooming, and Toileting

    Our caregivers are also available to assist with daily grooming and hygiene – including dressing, bathing, toileting, laundry, and linen changes.

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    Medication Reminders

    While we can’t administer medications (that falls into the home healthcare realm), we can remind your loved one to take his/her medication. This goes a long way towards ensuring s/he is as healthy, happy, and functional as possible.

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    Meal Preparation

    If shopping, meal planning, and meal preparation are beyond the daily living capabilities of your disabled loved one, our caregivers can take care of it for you. We can prepare delicious and nutritious meals on-site. Caregivers can sit and keep your loved one company while s/he eats, or store meals for easy reheating.

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    When physical abilities limit an adult’s ability to drive or obtain a driver’s license, the world can seem to shrink.

    Georgetown Home Care has partnered with Uber Health to not only provide transportation services, but also to allow our caregivers to assist those facing mobility challenges to navigate walkways and parking lots. You’ll have a driver available once (or multiple) times a week or on an as-needed basis. Errand running, social outings, and appointments will again become part of the regular, day-to-day landscape.

    Caregivers are also available to transport patients using their own vehicle upon request.

Cooperative assisted living that works with your needs

Our home care services support overall recovery and reduce the potential for hospital readmittance. However, our caregivers are not trained to provide medical-centered care.

But if you require home health care services, our caregivers can work in tandem with your medical professional. While we make daily life tasks easier and more convenient, qualified healthcare professionals can oversee and take care of your medical needs.


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A locally-owned and operated non-medical home care company, we’re committed to providing one-on-one support and assistance. Our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families through dependable, affordable care.

“The entire staff provided caring, focused and responsive service. The caregivers are well trained professionals who adapted to my mother as her needs changed over time. We started at 3 hours/day and ended up with 24 hour round-the-clock service.Thank you Georgetown Homecare!”
Lucantonio S.

We diligently follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, taking all precautions to provide a safe environment for both our employees and our clients of all abilities and ages, including seniors and their families who are most at-risk.

Find out more about our COVID-19 safety protocols and COVID-19 recovery services.