Georgetown Home Care is a family owned and operated company serving the greater Washington DC area with offices in Maryland, DC and Virginia. It was founded by John and Angie Bradshaw. John and Angie were motivated to serve the community through their personal experiences dealing with aging loved ones in each of their families. John is the youngest of 8 children whose parents retired to California. John’s father became ill with congestive heart failure and his children who lived locally became his primary caregivers. His children living around the rest of the country found it difficult to participate in his care. As his condition worsened, it was necessary to bring in help to assist him and his children as the primary caregivers. The family knows first-hand how emotionally difficult this situation can be for family close by, as well as those living around the rest of the country who cannot help as much as they would like to.

Angie Bradshaw has had similar challenges with caring for her parents in Illinois. She is the youngest of 9 children who all care deeply for their parents and want a say in their care and well-being. Angie’s family found similar challenges when developing a plan of care for her mother who suffered from Muscular Dystrophy. Angie feels it is very important that all family members are heard and can participate in the plan of care.

John and Angie find it is important to partner with community providers by offering professional development programs. They have established a continuing education program for the amazing Social Workers and Registered Nurses who do their work so graciously. Georgetown Home Care is certified by the National Association of Social Workers, the District Board of Nursing and the Virginia Board of Nursing to provide CE credits.

The Bradshaw’s have a passion for serving their community!