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Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and appears in more than 80 percent of dementia cases. It can cause seniors to withdraw from relationships and stop participating in activities that they used to enjoy. To reduce the effects of severe cognitive impairment it is important to keep these relationships intact. For families with… Read more »

5 Exercises to Improve Memory and Concentration [With Proof]

You probably know that regular exercise can help you lose weight, improve muscle coordination, and boost your overall well-being. But did you know exercise is one of the best ways to improve memory and concentration? If you or a senior loved one isn’t engaged in much physical activity, it may be time to add a… Read more »

Common Issues that Seniors Face

As we age, various disorders can affect how well our brains function. Dementia is one of the most common brain disorders that seniors experience. Certain health conditions can cause dementia. For example, chronic high blood pressure, previous stroke or blood vessel disease can lead to vascular dementia. Causes of Dementia Many times, dementia is not… Read more »