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A live-in caregiver helps her client with medication.

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Working as a Live-In Caregiver vs. Working at a Nursing Home

Live-in caregivers and nursing home caregivers share a similar calling: to provide physical and emotional support for the elderly. However, outside of the universal caregiving services these positions have in common, their jobs and environments are very different. Whether you’re considering answering the call to become a caregiver for aging adults or are already on…

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What Are a Live-In Caregiver’s Duties?

Becoming a live-in caregiver and supporting clients who want to remain in their homes despite age-related changes is rewarding. The desire to help is commendable, but it’s important that you have an accurate picture of what’s expected of you and that your work is valued by your employer. Understanding the live-in caregiver job description before…

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Live-In Caregiver Requirements

Working as a live-in caregiver for those who want to age in place is a gratifying career. In addition to knowing you’re making a positive difference in the lives of your clients and their families, live-in caregivers also enjoy many benefits. For example, they work rent-free at a job that absorbs most of their utility…

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Do Live-In Caregivers Pay Rent?

Live-in caregiving is an invaluable service for clients who want to age independently in their own homes and communities. In return for that heart-centered work, caregivers who provide live-in care do not pay rent and they also have an opportunity to save money via other complimentary living expenses, such as utilities and groceries. This feels…

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What Is a Live-In Caregiver?

Given that nearly 90% of seniors say they prefer to age independently in their own homes rather than make the transition into assisted living facilities, live-in caregivers are becoming an increasingly popular home care option. They are essential for clients with mid to late-stage dementia or physical limitations that make it impossible for them to…

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How Much Money Do Live-In Caregivers Make?

The decision to become a live-in caregiver is a noble one, and there is no doubt that caregivers receive invaluable rewards from their work serving others and in the meaningful connections made with clients and their families. That said, caregivers still have bills to pay. So, it makes sense that those considering pursuing a career…

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