Outdoor Senior Activities


Summer is the perfect time for you and your senior loved ones to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Just choose the best senior outdoor activities for your family then head outside and make the most of those relaxing breezes and lovely cool evenings! 

Senior Citizen Summer Fun

The type of activities that you can enjoy with your elderly parents will depend on their physical health. Read on to find out about fun summer activities and special community events taking place in Washington D.C., Montgomery & Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Summer Concerts

Summer concerts are everywhere, from small local events to festivals and celebrations during  the holidays. As well as offering different kinds of music, concerts often have a ton of activities that older adults can enjoy such as rides, games, and contests to win prizes. 

County fairs and food fests are a great way for the entire family to spend time together and engage in carnival games and food competitions, all while enjoying local dishes and summery drinks. Be sure to check local guides to see what’s happening in your area!

Parks and Picnics

You don’t need a holiday to go on a picnic. There are many outdoor senior activities your family can do at your local state park or recreational area, even if your elderly parents can’t engage in strenuous activity.

So step outside and enjoy the fresh air! Combining mental and physical activities will help your loved one’s overall health. 

  • Fly kites, go on gentle walks, or play card games on the picnic blanket. 
  • Visit the National Zoo in D.C. or another wildlife center near you.
  • Watch a movie outside in D.C. and check for options in your area.
  • See the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms in D.C. during full bloom and find out about other beautiful spots to soak up the spring and summer flowers. 
  • Go for a wheelchair-friendly walk at Burke Lake Park in Northern Virginia.
  • Pack a picnic and go birdwatching in MD and D.C. Maybe even fill up the bird feeders!
  • Enjoy wheelchair-accessible trails in Rock Creek Regional Parks, MD.
  • Find out about outdoor exercise classes, like yoga or tai chi.

Farmers Markets

Outdoor markets are a great place to buy local produce, baked goods, snacks, and more. Even better, farmer’s markets often become a community hub where people can meet and chat every weekend. Some markets also feature music and activities.   

Water Fun 

Take advantage of comfortable temperatures and sunny days throughout summer with an outdoor activity in or on the water. Mother Nature can be temperamental but when the heat rises, it’s time to cool off with these water-themed outdoor senior activities! 

  • You and your parents can spend some fun splashing in the pool and even rolling down the waterslides at your favorite amusement park. 
  • If it’s too hot to be outside, or rain ruins the outdoor fun, indoor pools often have activities for seniors, such as water aerobic exercises.
  • Take a ride in a water taxi in D.C. or have a sightseeing adventure on a city cruise on the Potomac River in Alexandria, VA.

Outdoor Adventure

For some seniors, nothing in life holds them back. They will tackle any challenge with an eager gleam in their eyes. Summer offers a chance for active seniors to release pent-up energy after a long winter and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. 

  • Golf courses are open for the entire family. Seniors can either use a golf cart and play a few holes or get extra exercise by walking a round of golf. 
  • Hiking, strolling, bike riding, and mountain climbing will allow you and your parents to get in touch with nature as you take part in wildlife viewing and bird watching. 
  • Camping and RV trips are popular activities for seniors as they can visit different sights and go on a photo binge to create wonderful memories.
  • Try out the freshwater fishing hotspots in MD. 

Fourth of July Fireworks

The Fourth of July calls all people outdoors to cook wonderful barbecue meals as they stay up late watching the fireworks. There are always tons of entertainment options around town if you’re willing to fight with the crowds, or you could invite your elderly parents over to the backyard. 

  • Games such as horseshoes, bocce ball, pickup softball games, frisbee tosses, and shuffleboard are sure to spark some friendly family competition. 
  • Set up the lawn chairs and gaze at the sky as it brightens up in spectacular colors to celebrate our country’s independence.
  • At least once in your lifetime, you should try to watch the Fourth of July Fireworks over the Capitol

Dance Away the Evenings

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean that summer fun has to end. Evenings are the perfect time to don your fancy clothes and take to the dance floor for some outdoor senior activities with a musical twist. 

  • Look into dance classes that you and your senior loved ones can take to strut your stuff to the music. 
  • Learn some new dance moves or hone your existing skills to have fun – or even compete in outdoor dancing competitions.
  • Check if there are patio options for dinner, music, and dancing — like a jazz or blues bar near you.

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