Key Program

Through years of partnering with hospitals, GHC has closely studied the widespread problem of preventable hospital readmissions and developed a process for significantly lowering readmissions and producing better transitions to home.

For hospitals, there are many potential benefits to partnering with us through our Key Program:

  • Decreased Length of Patient Stay
  • Reduced Hospital Readmissions
  • Lower Number of Emergency Department Visits

All of this can lead to increased patient satisfaction scores and hospital star ratings.

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44% Reduction in Readmissions

In our partnership with Georgetown Hospital, we specifically targeted spinal surgery patients. Through our collaboration with the hospital team, we were able to help them lower readmission from 12.1% to 6.7%.

$1.8 MM in Potential Savings

Last year, the average cost of readmission in the US was $14,400. The Key program resulted in a net savings of $129,600 for Georgetown Hospital, among our patient group. Done on a larger scale with total hospital readmissions, there is a potential savings of $1.8mm annually.

It was amazing what a positive effect the GHC pilot program had on our readmission rates! What was more amazing was how the readmission rate went right back up when the pilot ended. This was a big reason we agreed to sign a contract to continue the program with GHC.
— Ruth Adonizio

Director of Readmission Reduction, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital

How We Prevent Hospital Readmissions

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    Highly Trained Caregivers

    Our caregivers are highly trained CNAs or HHAs. They possess the skills needed to provide care to elderly adults or non-senior adults who need help readjusting safely to life at home after a severe injury, surgery, etc.

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    Personalized Care Plans

    Every patient situation is unique. Georgetown Home Care provides personalized care plans for each patient so that they have the specific type of help and assistance they need.

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    Consistent Feedback

    None of our caregivers work in isolation. Instead, they constantly receive feedback from the client and support from our office staff so that the client’s care plan is always evolving to meet their needs.

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Georgetown Home Care Lowers Preventable Hospital Readmissions for Medstar Georgetown University Hospital

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