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5 Exercises to Improve Memory and Concentration [With Proof]

You probably know that regular exercise can help you lose weight, improve muscle coordination, and boost your overall well-being. But did you know exercise is one of the best ways to improve memory and concentration? If you or a senior loved one isn’t engaged in much physical activity, it may be time to add a… Read more »

6 Reasons Home Care is Important

Like the changing trends in fashion and music, the home care industry experiences changes that reflect the shift in values of each generation. Today, statistics demonstrate that the majority of the aged population in the United States plan to stay at home for as long as possible, despite changes in health, mobility, or cognition. Home… Read more »

10 Signs Your Parents Need Assistance To Safely Live At Home

Having concerns following your trip home for the holidays? Any visit to see aging parents offers direct insight into whether their current living situation is safe, accessible and supportive of an independent aging process. Having the conversation about long-term care plans is never easy, particularly if you aren’t sure about what you’re seeing, or you… Read more »