Temporary In-Home Care Services

Home care services come in all shapes and sizes, which makes them entirely customizable to clients, or their family’s, needs. While some clients jump right into regular part- or full-time services, other clients utilize senior and disabled adult home care services on a temporary or a la carte basis.

Temporary in-home care services are the ultimate resource for adults and seniors requiring very occasional or one-time-only assistance to remain at home or safely navigate their community.

Popular Temporary In-Home Care Services

The following is a list of our most popular temporary in-home care services, along with information about what the services include.

Welcome Home Program

Our Welcome Home Program is available to any adults who live alone or need assistance while transitioning from a hospital stay or surgical procedure back into the home. Getting comfortably settled, with everything you need in accessible proximity is essential for healing and reducing the risk of hospital readmission.

This four-hour minimum service option provides a licensed and caring in-home aide who ensures:

  • Safe transportation from the facility to the home. We partner with Uber Health to provide safe and secure transportation from a hospital or medical facility to the home.
  • Prescriptions are filled and picked up. Prescriptions will be filled, picked up, and organized in your kitchen, bathroom, bedside stand, or other preferred location, so they’re easy to get to when you need your next dose.
  • Assistance with bathing and dressing. Nothing feels better than being clean and slipping into a fresh change of clothes after being in a hospital, in a gown, or clothes that don’t feel or smell like home.
  • Linen cleaning and changes. We’ll make sure the bed or couch has fresh sheets and the bathroom(s) is stocked with fresh towels and cloths.
  • Groceries and meal prep. Our caregivers are happy to stock the fridge and pantry with delicious ingredients and snacks. S/he can also prepare a nutritious meal for you to eat before s/he heads out.

Our caregivers are also available to provide companionship, a good listening ear, and light housekeeping, providing a warm welcome home.

Respite Care

Spouses, family, and friends often rally together to provide caregiving support for those in need. Or, you might have hired an independent caregiver, rather than one from an agency, who works to provide the necessary caregiving support your loved one needs.

In any case, there is bound to be a time when a regular caregiver needs time off to attend an appointment, a special event, or to take an extended weekend or week-long vacation. That is when respite care comes into play.

Respite care services provide licensed, qualified caregivers you can trust. The services include anything under the companion or personal care services list, excluding any services that fall into the home health care umbrella.

Best of all, respite care services are available for a handful of hours, or several weeks at a time, depending on the client’s needs.

Transportation Services

Having a difficult time getting your senior loved one or a disabled adult to an important appointment or event?

While DC and the metro area offers a range of public transportation, it is not easy to navigate if you need assistance of any kind. And, of course, parking is always at a premium. That’s why we have partnered with Uber Health to provide senior transportation services.

With their support, we assist adults to and from their scheduled calendar dates accompanied by a licensed caregiver who helps the client transfer safely in/out of the home and vehicle. Our caregivers are happy to wait or can accompany the client wherever s/he needs to be, and back home again. Transportation services require a four-hour minimum shift.

Light Housekeeping, Errand Running & Companionship Service

Perhaps your loved one lives safely and independently at home but needs assistance from time to time with light housekeeping, linen changes, errand running, or grocery shopping. These services, and others, are all available at a minimum of three times per week for a four-hour session, with the exceptions of Georgetown’s 72 hour program and Welcome Home Program that have different time requirements.

As with most caregiving service options, any senior services such as those in the personal care and companionship brackets require a four-hour minimum service window.

Taking Advantage Of Temporary In-Home Care

All of the short-term or temporary in-home care services offered by Georgetown Home Care are provided by licensed, experienced, and highly-trained caregivers.

In addition to being there when you need them most, these services also offer a window or doorway into the realm of adult in-home caregiving offerings, helping seniors grow accustomed to having someone else step into their home and their life. Ultimately, it is a smart way to ease your way into more part- or full-time caregiving services if and when they are needed.

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