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Exercises To Improve Memory & Concentration [With Proof]

What Are Good Exercises To Improve Memory And Concentration? Exercise has long been talked about as a way to lose weight, improve muscle coordination and boost overall well-being. However, many people don’t realize exercise is one of the best ways to improve memory and concentration. If you are not getting as much activity as you… Read more »

Senior – Game Time

When my mother started to slip cognitively her doctor recommended we play basic, brain stimulating games to help slow the pace of decline. Our family favorite game was Yahtzee. Yahtzee can be a high energy game of basic strategy and elementary level counting. We witnessed our mom’s level of engagement tick up when we played… Read more »

Too Old To Exercise?

What types of exercises should I be doing as I age, and how much? As we age, it is clear that our body changes and our ability to train hard, react quickly, cut and dodge deteriorates, but that doesn’t mean we should be doing things to keep what we have as intact as possible, for… Read more »