Resources for Healthy Eating: Grocery and Meal Prep Services


Eating well is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy as we age.  As we get older, we tend to need less food, but at the same time our immune systems deteriorate.  When this deterioration happens getting the proper vitamins and micronutrients becomes a high priority.  Calcium, vitamin D, and potassium are especially important for seniors.

Unfortunately, with age often comes reduced mobility, turning grocery shopping from a routine activity to a difficult chore.  How can you continue to eat fresh fruits and vegetables when you can’t get to the grocery store on your own anymore?  Luckily there are a number of resources, just a fingertip away, to help with groceries and food preparation.

  • Delivery services: Grocery delivery services are changing the way Americans receive items from a variety of stores.
    • In store delivery services:  Companies like Peapod by Giant will bring groceries from their stores to your home.
    • Instacart:  If you prefer to shop at many different grocery stores you cannot go wrong with Instacart.  They will deliver from a variety of grocery, pet & liquor stores.
    • Meal Kit Services:  Companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh will deliver you a box full of ingredients that have already been prepared and measured into servings.
  • Meals On WheelsMeals on Wheels is a government-subsidized volunteer program that brings hot meals to people unable to prepare food for themselves.  It started during the London Blitz as a way to feed people whose homes had been destroyed, and after the war spread across the English-speaking world to help people who are housebound.  You can find a local program through the Meals On Wheels Association of America.
  • Senior villages: If you’re a member of a senior village, they will have volunteers available to take you to the grocery store.  You can either schedule a weekly trip or call ahead when you need a ride.
  • In-home caregivers:  If you have an in-home caregiver, they can help with grocery store trips, prepare meals and make sure the food in your home is still fresh.