If a Nursing Home Is The Only Option

Today we want to touch on a subject that we, as a home care company, come across often; which is better, in home care or a nursing home? That is a very tough one because of course we are biased, with good reason. Research shows that not only is in home care superior in providing… Read more »

What do you think? Elders, Oldsters, Old-Timers?

A few weeks ago we came across an interesting article in the Washington Post titled, “Elders, oldsters and old-timers: What’s your preferred term for ‘senior citizen’?” While it does touch on an interesting and important topic, the article is lighthearted and brings out a few laughs. Going by the consensus determined by the research I… Read more »

The Test – At Home Dementia Test

Today in the US, it is estimated that four million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer’s (AD) or a related form of dementia. Nearly 10 percent of all people over age 65 and up to half of those over age 85 are thought to have AD or another form of dementia. Currently the only way to… Read more »