Study About Aging

A study  was conducted several years ago on understanding older adults’ expectations regarding aging and how these expectations influence healthcare-seeking behavior. The question was raised, if this population felt a general negativity towards the aging process could this help physicians identify situations in which older adults needlessly miss the opportunity to experience this model of… Read more »

Too Old To Exercise?

What types of exercises should I be doing as I age, and how much? As we age, it is clear that our body changes and our ability to train hard, react quickly, cut and dodge deteriorates, but that doesn’t mean we should be doing things to keep what we have as intact as possible, for… Read more »

Seniors and Driving Safety

“Older adults are actually not much more likely to be in car accidents, but they are more likely to suffer injury or die in one because their bodies are more susceptible to injury, and resulting medical complications are more likely.” This is most definitely not a new issue, but how do we know when it… Read more »

Aging Parents and Work

“They never knew when the next crisis would erupt, like when one parent began hallucinating and wanting to eat his plate.” “Samira, 38, felt guilty that she was too exhausted to read to her daughters.” Being a product of the baby boomers will at some point make you reflect inward and wonder what to do… Read more »