Elderly with Flu Symptoms – What can you do?

Finally! We are seeing some sun peak through the clouds today in the DC metro area, but we are not quite through with flu season. Recently the Senior’s Choice came out with some good tips for the elderly population on how to catch flu symptoms early if you have them, as well as different ways to be proactive about your health so you can avoid it completely. If you are elderly with flu symptoms these are great.

Here are a few of the good ones that we wanted to share.

Typical flu symptoms to look out for

  1. Rapid changes in temperature – feverish one minute and chills the next
  2. Unusual body aches
  3. 100-degree or higher fever

What can you do to avoid the flu, besides getting a flu shot:

  1. Avoid touching eye, nose and mouth to prevent germ spreading
  2. Build up your immune system with lots of sleep and eating fruits and vegetables

Symptoms of pneumonia

  1. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  2. Pain or pressure in the abdomen or chest
  3. Confusion, abrupt dizziness and/or violent or continual vomiting
  4. Dehydration
  5. Worsening of other serious medical conditions, such as heart problems, emphysema or asthma

Things to do that will build up strength if you have a severe flu, or pneumonia

  1. Eat something with protein like lentils or chicken soup
  2. Drink fluids, fluids help loosen secretions making it easier to bring up phlegm
  3. Propping up in bed to try and help the breathing

These are just a few tips that will get you through the last of this cold weather. Hang tight everyone, spring is on its way!! We hope….

-Georgetown Home Care