Aging Parents – Home Care Plan


Many adult children are currently in the midst of a career, a growing family, and the balancing act of finding time to squeeze everything in. In many cases, their own parents are still in good health and the idea of having a plan for the future in regards to help for their parents is fleeting or nonexistent. Their health and mental stability are currently in great shape, but having a plan or an idea of what steps to take when changes occur is the best way to support aging parents. This may be difficult, many are in denial about that fact that it will happen one day. However, being prepared, and having regular conversations about it with your family will help ease the uncertainty and perhaps awkwardness. You need to let your parents know that you are here for them as well as get your siblings and/or extended family on the same page. Committing to talk about a plan will ensure that everyone knows where to turn and what information will be necessary. Such as, do your parents have a financial power of attorney, or when do their drivers licenses expire.

The best approach is to take it slow. You don’t want to be too overwhelmed. There are many organizations that can offer this type of help, such as IONA. You can plan a meeting or call with Family Consultation Services, Care Management Groups as well as support groups for caregivers. The ultimate goal is to take the fear out of aging, and being who we are, we think a home care plan is great.

For now, remind your parents to exercise, socialize, eat well, rest, relax and get plenty of metal stimulation with games, books puzzles and planning a vacation!!

-Georgetown Home Care

Here is a link to IONA’s website –

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