Avoiding Hospital Readmission: Home Support


When you’re coming home from the hospital, it’s important that you have all the support you need at home before you arrive.  You might need help managing your medications and preparing food, and it may be difficult to do household chores right away.  If you’re going home to stay with family, they can help out, but if you live alone then you might need outside help from a caregiver until you’re strong enough to stay on your own.

Before you go home from the hospital, find out what equipment you will need at home so you can get everything in place before your discharge.  While you are still at the hospital, you should also talk to the social worker about balancing your care with your family’s daily life to see if you will need extra help at home.  If so, speak to a home care agency and set up care before you leave the hospital.  Family and caregivers can help you with everyday tasks, and they may notice changes in your condition before you do.

On the day of your discharge, make sure someone is able to help you pick up your medicine and some groceries on the way home from the hospital.  If you can’t find a friend or family member who’s available to help you, talk to the social worker or care manager at the hospital and ask if there is an accessibility service or a nursing agency in the area who could send someone to help you come home from the hospital.