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Category: In-Home Care

Cost of Companion Care for the Elderly

As our loved ones age, they may face challenges that make us worry about their well-being. Daily tasks that were once simple can become difficult and lead to feelings of helplessness or isolation.  Companion care services offer a valuable solution that provides our loved ones with practical assistance and social interaction. It helps seniors maintain…

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10 Ways To Keep Seniors Active

As people age, they often grow less active–exercising far less than when they were younger. This can happen from years of working long hours at a job, from body aches, pains, and stiffness accumulated over time, from major injuries or health conditions, and from myriad other reasons.  But when seniors are able to find a…

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11 Tips on Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

Taking care of elderly parents at home is typically the first step in a senior’s long-term care plan. This approach can save money and provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. It also allows time for family members to assess whether home care or facility-based care is more appropriate. Most often, the responsibility of caring…

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Working as a Live-In Caregiver vs. Working at a Nursing Home

Live-in caregivers and nursing home caregivers share a similar calling: to provide physical and emotional support for the elderly. However, outside of the universal caregiving services these positions have in common, their jobs and environments are very different. Whether you’re considering answering the call to become a caregiver for aging adults or are already on…

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What Are a Live-In Caregiver’s Duties?

Becoming a live-in caregiver and supporting clients who want to remain in their homes despite age-related changes is rewarding. The desire to help is commendable, but it’s important that you have an accurate picture of what’s expected of you and that your work is valued by your employer. Understanding the live-in caregiver job description before…

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Caregiver Requirements in VA, MD, & DC

The need for in-home caregivers and caregivers who provide private, personalized support to clients living in their homes or in facilities is in high demand. This work requires a combination of heart and a willingness to learn, compassionately honoring the ever-changing needs of clients and families. Georgetown Home Care, a premier non-medical home care and…

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