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Category: In-Home Care

Avoiding Hospital Readmission

When you’ve just gotten out of the hospital, you’re ready to start enjoying the comfort of home again and getting back on your feet and the last thing you want is to have to go back in. Sometimes people with chronic illnesses may be admitted to the hospital repeatedly, but many readmissions are avoidable, particularly…

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10 Ways To Keep Seniors Active

As people age, they sometimes grow less active, exercising far less than when they were younger. This may occur because they have aches and pains that limit movement, for example, or because they feel socially isolated and lack friends to exercise with. However, staying fit means seniors can continue with their daily activities and remain…

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How To Choose The Right Home Care Agency [A Guide]

Deciding to use a home care agency to support day to day independence for yourself or a senior loved one is a big first step. And, even if a senior doesn’t need care immediately, interviewing local home care agencies is a good way to learn more about what’s available in your area. Contact information and…

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What To Know When Using Elder Care Services

Elder care services cover a wide range of needs, but not all home care agencies are created equal. Having a general overview of what to know when using elder care services will help as you begin selecting the right caregiving agency and services for your loved one. Before reviewing the most common services available to…

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Does Medicare Cover Home Care Services?

Covering the costs of senior care can require creative financing from a range of different areas. While Medicare does not cover the full costs of home care services, you may find that some of your loved one’s home care costs can be temporarily subsidized by Medicare or Medicaid. This article provides a general overview of…

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5 Reasons To Consider Elderly Companion Care

Companionship care for the elderly is one of the most popular senior care services offered by home care agencies. The positive impact extends to every member of your family when a dedicated senior care specialist regularly spends time with your senior loved one to boost their quality of life. Elderly companion care can be a…

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