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Caregiver Requirements in VA, MD, & DC


The need for in-home caregivers and caregivers who provide private, personalized support to clients living in their homes or in facilities is in high demand. This work requires a combination of heart and a willingness to learn, compassionately honoring the ever-changing needs of clients and families.

Georgetown Home Care, a premier non-medical home care and staffing agency in the Washington DC Metro Area is always looking for inspired and caring applicants interested in joining our team. We provide a wide range of in-home care services and relevant workforce solutions in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Our agency has two overarching goals: helping clients remain independent in their homes and providing good-paying jobs employees are proud of. To do that, we accept applications from qualifying candidates in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. – each of which has slightly varying caregiver requirements.

VA Caregiver Requirements

Virginia has some of the most well-educated and trained caregivers in the nation due to their strict requirements. Therefore, please do not worry if you don’t meet these exact requirements and are interested in pursuing a position at Georgetown Home Care. Your heart and calling to the profession are the most important qualities of all.

We can point you in the right direction, so you have a chance to complete either of the following:

PCA Certification

Personal Care Aides (PCAs) are certified home care aides. This certification serves as an entry point into the healthcare field. PCA certification requires the completion of a 40-hour training curriculum mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia. PCAs also pass a final written test.

Home Attendant or Home Health Aide

Many certified PCAs continue their education and training, becoming Home Attendants or Home Health Aides (HHAs). As with the PCA program, the Home Attendant designation requires the completion of 40 more hours of a state-approved curriculum. HHAs must complete 75 total hours of an MD-approved curriculum as well as 12 hours of continued training each year.

Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA)

CNA programs are the next level of education and training. Like HHAs, all CNAs are required to complete 12 hours of continued education annually.

Again, Georgetown Home Care is happy to support interested applicants in choosing the right program. Our agency is devoted to the continued education and training of our employees, making it easy for you to complete continued education training while on the job.

MD Caregiver Requirements

The caregiver requirements in Maryland vary from agency to agency. Many agencies prefer to train qualifying candidates to meet the specialized needs of their clients. Others require applicants to hold the equivalent of a certified nurse assistant certification.

In both cases, the minimum requirements for candidates are:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Applicants without a high school diploma or GED must pass an Ability to Benefit exam to be eligible to enroll
  • Be at least 18 years old; confirmed by federal or state-issued ID
  • Hold a valid social security card
  • Submit a copy of a current physical examination within six months of the start date
  • Proof of negative TB – tuberculosis test or chest x-ray; current and no more than six months from the start date
  • Hepatitis B series or waiver from a healthcare provider
  • A clear criminal background check (we require this clearance before employees work in client homes)

Because caregiving duties often require transportation support or errand running, we also require Georgetown Home Care employees to have a 100% clean DMV report, a valid driver’s license, and a reliable vehicle.

DC Caregiver Requirements

Like Maryland, DC allows agencies to set their own applicant requirements. In addition to the basic requirements in virtually any state, agencies have the right to require applicants to be certified Home Health Aides (HHAs). Some employers also require applicants to have CPR certification. However, in most cases, employers are happy to provide that certification to strong applicants.

HHA programs require 125 total training hours, including 65 classroom hours, 20 lab hours, and 40 clinical hours. Training programs are coordinated by RNs from start to finish.

If you are already a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) you have the option of completing a shorter, bridge program to complete HHA certification. This program requires 32 hours of education and training.

To complete the HHA certification process in DC, candidates must have completed their HHA certification program within the past 24 months and:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a current government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport with their current legal name (or you must include a legal proof of name change if your name has changed since the ID’s original issue)
  • Upload a copy of a completed HHC training certificate
  • Pay $100 to complete the DC application and criminal background check fees

To be hired as a certified HHA caregiver with Georgetown Home Care, applicants must also:

  • Have a diploma or GED
  • Have a clean criminal background check (we run our own here at no cost to prospective applicants to ensure the information is current)
  • Pass a drug test
  • Pass a tuberculosis skin test
  • Pass a physical exam
  • Provide fingerprint submission
  • Pass reading comprehension, English competency, and math competency exams

Again, we’re committed to finding the best possible candidates for the job, providing initial education, training, and continuing education, so they can be the very best they can be in their careers.

Are You Ready To Answer the Call to Become a Caregiver?

Are you a Virginia, Maryland, or DC resident interested in becoming a caregiver? Georgetown Home Care offers clients personalized care by matching them with compassionate, highly qualified caregivers.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to meet! Click below to learn about careers with us, including caregiver requirements, team benefits, and more!

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