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Category: In-Home Care

On the Move: Keeping Seniors Mobile in Winter

Strolling on a walk while fluffy snowflakes fall can be one of winter’s most serene and calming little pleasures. But when snow combines with the other elements of ice and wind to form a wintry mix, what was a pleasant moment in nature can quickly turn into a slippery, treacherous outing. Though roads and sidewalks…

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Common Issues that Seniors Face

As we age, various disorders can affect how well our brains function. Dementia is one of the most common brain disorders that seniors experience. Certain health conditions can cause dementia. For example, chronic high blood pressure, previous stroke or blood vessel disease can lead to vascular dementia. Causes of Dementia Many times, dementia is not…

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When In-Home Care is Necessary

When visiting elderly parents, you may get the feeling that daily chores and tasks are a struggle for them to complete. There might be dirty dishes overflowing the sink or the elderly parent wears the same clothes every single day for a whole week. They might not be able to remember the last time they…

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