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Category: Caregivers

Caregiver of the Month July 2017: Moreana S.

Moreana has been a caregiver with Georgetown Home Care for just under a year, but in that time she has proven her dedication to our clients and our staff. She is unbelievably dependable and willing to step in whenever and wherever she is needed. We are very fortunate to have her. We asked Moreana a few things…

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Avoiding Hospital Readmission: Home Support

When you’re coming home from the hospital, it’s important that you have all the support you need at home before you arrive.  You might need help managing your medications and preparing food, and it may be difficult to do household chores right away.  If you’re going home to stay with family, they can help out,…

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Avoiding Hospital Readmission: Understanding The Care Plan

Just before you are discharged from the hospital, your doctors will visit you to go over your plan of care.  It’s important to make sure you understand your care plan before you leave the hospital, but it can be very confusing when you are just starting to recover from an illness.  It always helps to have a…

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Avoiding Hospital Readmission: Polypharmacy

Polypharmacy refers to the effects of taking multiple medications for coexisting health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension.  Often this is a necessary part of healthcare as you age, but nearly 50% of older adults take medications that are not medically necessary.  This creates unnecessary healthcare costs as well as preventable hospitalization from dangerous medication interactions.  It is…

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Preparing for Hospital Discharge

Being discharged from the hospital is a stressful time for both patients and families.  It can be hard to know what to expect and what questions you need to ask your doctors.  Having a plan for hospital discharge is important for making a smooth transition back home and can help provide order in a chaotic…

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