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Georgetown Home Care Promotes Managing Director to Chief Operating Officer

Brings unique skill set to the role; Has been with the company since the beginning; Innovates to change the industry norm WASHINGTON, DC – On January 31, 2017 Georgetown Home Care (GHC) promoted its Managing Director, Jessica Salgado, to Chief Operating Officer. Mrs. Salgado was the company’s first hire, bringing her background in business and… Read more »

What do you think? Elders, Oldsters, Old-Timers?

A few weeks ago we came across an interesting article in the Washington Post titled, “Elders, oldsters and old-timers: What’s your preferred term for ‘senior citizen’?” While it does touch on an interesting and important topic, the article is lighthearted and brings out a few laughs. Going by the consensus determined by the research I… Read more »

In Home Care – When Following the Trend Makes Sense

Happy Friday everyone. We hope those in the mid-Atlantic and north east fared well during storm Pax. Today we wanted to bring your attention to an article in the Washington Post last month. It highlighted how the trend towards staying at home rather than moving to a group aid home is becoming more and more… Read more »