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Category: Caregiver of the Month

Caregiver of the Month November 2017: Bunny K.

Bunny is loyal and very good at what she does. Her client loves her to the point that if Bunny is ever out sick, he goes a day without care because the only person he wants help from is Bunny. Georgetown Home care appreciates the exceptional service she provides on our behalf, and we are lucky to…

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Caregiver of the Month October 2017: Belinda J.

Belinda is a very sweet, gentle and resourceful person who always goes above and beyond to help her clients and Georgetown Home Care. Her current client has nothing but wonderful things to say about Belinda and is so happy she has such a wonderful caregiver in her life. We asked Belinda a few things about…

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Caregiver of the Month September 2017: Celina M.

  Celina is a very personable, level headed and easy going person who is extremely sweet and caring with her clients. She is happy to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed, and has great respect for the work that she does. Georgetown Home Care is very grateful she is part of our family….

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Caregiver of the Month August 2017: Patience O.

  Patience is a sweet, loving person who truly understands what it means to be an amazing caregiver. You can always count on her to show compassion and understanding as well as think quickly on her feet in tough situations. All of her clients love her and we at Georgetown Home Care are so happy…

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Caregiver of the Month July 2017: Moreana S.

Moreana has been a caregiver with Georgetown Home Care for just under a year, but in that time she has proven her dedication to our clients and our staff. She is unbelievably dependable and willing to step in whenever and wherever she is needed. We are very fortunate to have her. We asked Moreana a few things…

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Caregiver of the Month June 2017: Nerlande H.

  Nerlande Henry was our first caregiver of the month. She is a wonderful person who is always looking to improve her skills as a caregiver. It is clear that Nerlande loves what she does and is thoughtful about every task she accomplishes.  We asked Nerlande a few things about being a caregiver, here is…

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