Caregiver of the Month June 2017: Nerlande H.



Nerlande Henry was our first caregiver of the month. She is a wonderful person who is always looking to improve her skills as a caregiver. It is clear that Nerlande loves what she does and is thoughtful about every task she accomplishes.  We asked Nerlande a few things about being a caregiver, here is a summary of what she said.

I’m happy that so many clients can stay in their homes because I’m there to care for them. My clients are so sweet and kind.  I love being able to spend time getting to know them and their families as well as looking after their health. There are definitely challenges to the job such as adapting to new cultures and new things, but I learn a lot from my clients.

I enjoy working with my fellow caregivers and with the office staff as well.  Whenever I have a question or a problem, the office staff always responds quickly and patiently to help me solve my problem. 

I love helping the clients thrive and I hope other people will be inspired by me to work with the elderly.

Congratulations Nerlande!