The Test – At Home Dementia Test


Today in the US, it is estimated that four million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer’s (AD) or a related form of dementia. Nearly 10 percent of all people over age 65 and up to half of those over age 85 are thought to have AD or another form of dementia. Currently, the only way to test for dementia and AD is through a lengthy process with your doctor.

However, a doctor from Ohio State University recently developed a quick, pain-free test that has matched up in diagnosis results with the in-depth cognitive test given by doctors. “What we found was that this self-administered test correlated very well with detailed cognitive testing,” said Dr. Douglas Scharre, who developed the test with his team at Ohio State University. The test itself cannot be used as the sole diagnostic tool for the disease, but using this test periodically can significantly reduce the time it takes to notice the onset of AD or dementia. “If we catch this cognitive change really early, then we can start potential treatments much earlier than without having this test.”We can give the test periodically and, the moment we notice any changes in their cognitive abilities, we can intervene much more rapidly. “We are finding better treatments, and we know that patients do much better if they start the treatments sooner than later.”

One amazing thing about this test that puts it miles ahead of others is, it can be taken at home. An at-home dementia test! You can print it out, do it at your kitchen table, then share the results with your doctor the next time you go in for a visit. If you feel you or a loved one would benefit from this test please visit the “SAGE Test” website, download it and take the test! Click here.

Or, if you already know that your loved one is struggling with dementia and could benefit from an expert in-home caregiver, contact us here at Georgetown Home Care. We provide specialized, hands-on care for seniors so they can have the best quality of life possible.