A live-in caregiver, who does not pay rent, looks out of a living room window with her client.

Do Live-In Caregivers Pay Rent?


Live-in caregiving is an invaluable service for clients who want to age independently in their own homes and communities. In return for that heart-centered work, caregivers who provide live-in care do not pay rent and they also have an opportunity to save money via other complimentary living expenses, such as utilities and groceries.

This feels like reciprocity at its best, where professional caregivers who do so much for their clients receive special benefits of their own.

5 Financial Benefits of Working as a Live-In Caregiver

Caregivers hired for live-in positions gain multiple benefits, including a tremendous opportunity to save money.

Here are five financial benefits of working as a live-in caregiver with a licensed agency.

1. Live rent-free

“Do live-in caregivers pay rent?” is one of the most common questions we are asked when interviewing new applicants. The answer is “No. Your living expenses – including rent – are largely taken care of when you move into a client’s home.”

Part of the requirements for clients requesting live-in support is providing a private, designated bedroom and bathroom for the caregiver’s use only. In most homes, caregivers have the added bonus of using additional rooms as part of the agreement such as a den, living room, kitchen, and dining area, etc.

According to SoFi.com the average cost of rent and utilities per person in the D.C. area is $12,593 per year, and most of us spend even more than that. Living rent-free means all of that money stays in the bank, allowing you to save for your own home, a new car, continuing education fees, or increasing retirement savings.

It’s important to note that the ability to live for free in the client’s home does not impact a caregiver’s earning ability. All of our caregivers make the same amount of money depending on their experience and time spent working for our agency. Whether they provide live-in, 24-hour care, or part-time shifts, this hourly wage remains the same.

2. Free basic utilities 

Caregivers who live with our clients most or all of the time also benefit from free utilities. Clients are responsible for all standard utility payments in their own homes, including electricity, gas, water, garbage services, etc. Extra utility features, like cable TV, streaming options, or internet, are also available to the caregiver if the client already takes advantage of them.

In the rare home where clients do not have internet or other additional utilities, the caregiver has the option of paying for those services on their own. You may also want to pay for streaming channels that aren’t of interest to your client.

3. Most food and meals are also included

Another perk of working as a live-in caregiver is that most of your food and meals are provided for you. Caregivers and their clients usually utilize the same foods and ingredients for shared meals and snacks. However, if you have a particular favorite food, or your food choices don’t align with the client’s, you are responsible for items that don’t appear on the client’s grocery list.

Our agency is diligent about maintaining transparency when we run errands for clients. For example, with grocery shopping, caregivers divide the groceries at the checkout counter. The client pays for their own groceries and shared food items, while the caregiver pays separately for any personal food or snack items that aren’t shared.

4. You may be treated to fun outings and events

Inspiring and facilitating community and social engagement is a foundation of live-in caregiver services. Therefore as a caregiver, companionship, and transportation services are part of your job description. As a result, caregivers are treated to fun outings, meals in the clients’ favorite restaurants, and entry to the clients’ favorite events like movies, concerts, and more.

These events and social engagements are always driven by the client’s preferences and needs. However, most of our clients enjoy getting out and about town and our employees love to accompany them.

Live-in caregivers are always amazed at how much extra is left in their checking accounts at the end of the month because most of their daytime and early evening meals and entertainment costs are absorbed by the clients they work for.

5. Paid time off and health benefits

Caregivers who work for reputable, licensed agencies are also provided with other benefits. This includes:

  • Healthcare benefits, including options for vision and dental benefits
  • Paid time off for sick days, holidays, vacations, and your family’s special events
  • Retirement benefits with employer matching opportunities
  • Continuing job-related training, education, and certifications that increase overall earning potential
  • Quick reassignments: we value our employees and their time, which is why we do our best to place live-in caregivers on a new case as soon as their old one finishes

We do not doubt that one of the reasons we’re on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2019 and 2020 is due to our family-oriented company culture. In addition, we know that treating our employees like the gems they are returns to us tenfold in terms of employee and client satisfaction.

Become Part of the Georgetown Home Care Live-In Caregiving Family

Here at Georgetown Home Care, our employees gain two families in one. First, you become a valued member of our family-owned company, with a team that always has your back. Second, you get to become a part of our client family. We feel we have the best clients that the DC, Virginia, and Marland region has to offer and the bonds you form with them will last a lifetime.

Are you interested in learning more about the financial and emotionally rewarding perks of becoming a live-in caregiver with Georgetown Home Care, including living rent-free? Submit your application today. Once you’ve been interviewed, screened, and trained, we can place you in a client home within 24 to 48 hours. We look forward to meeting you!

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