The Key to Staying Home – House Call Doctors


As we all know, Georgetown Home Care is the “Key to Staying Home,” but we may not be alone in that; and in this case, we are okay with that. As the Washington Post calls him, house call Dr. Ernest Brown is a “rare find.” He is a family medicine doctor who just happens to provide care in comfort of your own home. In his own words, he “can do more in a house call in one visit than I can do in years with a patient in a clinic.” He definitely has a point there. Due to the fact that he is unaffiliated with insurance programs, there are no strings attached. He will do what needs to be done with true compassion for the work.

As amazing as Dr. Brown is, there is one things that really sets him apart from the other few in his industry, his desire to help the community. He wants to be able to serve patients is all economic situations. He determines his rates in a way that allows him to help those less fortunate on a pro bono basis. Dr. Brown is really one of a kind. A kind soul, a brilliant mind, a good man.

Please read the Washington Post article here that Dr. Brown was featured in last month. Let us know what you think. We think house call doctors are a key element to aging in place.

– Georgetown Home Care