Taking Care of Seniors



We hope everyone has recovered from the most recent week of holiday celebration. Just a few words we wanted to share about an interesting article we came across.

Getting old, it is a process. No matter who you are or where you come from, you are going to get old. It is a fact of life that cannot be disputed. There is no trouble in getting old, the trouble comes when the body does things the mind cannot accept or on the contrary, the mind does things that the body does not understand. For some the aging process is kind, but hard none the less. Whatever the situation or circumstance, aging will come upon us. When it does, having someone there to ease your frustration and help with tasks that are not as easy as they once were, is what everyone deserves.

The current senior population has earned their Purple Heart, their Academy Award, their Lifetime Achievement. Our hope, is that the companies and communities that serve the older population understand this and show the respect, which is more than deserved, to those who have been around the block and have a lifetime of stories that any of us would be lucky to hear.

Please take a look at this eye opening article featured in the Washington Post a few weeks ago. We should all be taking care of seniors.


-Georgetown Home Care

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