18 Million Senior Citizens Need Help


“Nearly 18 million older adults, or nearly half of everyone older, report that they need some assistance with routine daily activities.”

A recent article in Forbes describes a study, conducted by employees at the University of Michigan, which dives into just how many seniors in the US need help as they age. What stood out, the actual number was much larger than everyone had been letting one, a shocking 18 million seniors need some sort of aid. The task of being able to support this quickly growing population of older adults is a real problem. What we need is a greater sense of urgency when it comes to senior care. We also need to understand the effect that has on the lives of the family members who are there to help, when possible.

Here are some findings from the study; a reality for so many.

“More than 1/3 of the seniors receiving help only have one person in their network.” Meaning, if that one person who is there to help out cannot be there, the senior is left with no care.

“People who need help with 3 or more personal care or mobility needs find that family and paid helped must provide about 250 hours of assistance per month, just over 60 hours per week. ”This points to the fact that taking care of a loved one is more than a full time job. Unfortunately there are few family members or friends who have the extra time for this job.

Mistakes happen when a senior does not have the proper care. Here are the most common mistakes

  • Wet or soiled clothes
  • Being unable to go places
  • Making mistakes taking medications

18 million senior citizens need help, how can we as a notion provide that help? The way the US thinks about senior care needs to undergo a fundamental change with respect to how we provide care, where we provide care, and who can benefit from the available care that should be provided. If that shift happens, it will not only allow our seniors to age in a way that is deserved, it will also provide a care structure that is less taxing younger population as well on our hospital systems.

– Georgetown Home Care