Let’s Celebrate Seniors!


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There are many perceptions of what it means to grow old. Some think of it as the vacation they have always wanted. Some feel it is a time to do things that one was never able to do because of hectic schedules. Others have a negative image, an image of a wearing out process. We at Georgetown Home Care agree with all of those sentiments. Where we tend to differ is in the idea of independence. Many elders feel that in this stage of their live some sort of independence is being taken away. One of our main goals is to turn that idea around. Yes, things are different, but different does not have to come with negative baggage.

Care at home is a way for you or your loved one to remain as independent as possible, feel safe when help is needed and hopefully make a great new friend. Having the ability to stay at home and age gracefully, as cliché as that sounds, is something that we value more than words can express. We want everyone to feel happy and comfortable no matter what stage of life you may be in. With the holiday season in full swing we want to celebrate the great lives that our current and future clients have lived and toast to the future. Let’s celebrate seniors! Everyone ages, so why don’t we do it with a little zest.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

– Georgetown Home Care

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