Elder Care Services

We all need a bit of help or professional assistance as we age.

For some of us, elder care services include companionship, transportation services or help with errand running. For others, it means assistance with meal preparation and service, bathing, toileting, and grooming, or medication reminders.

Georgetown Home Care provides these and other professional elder care services to senior residents of Washington DC, Fairfax, Chevy Chase, and the surrounding National Capital Region.

We are proud to be part of The Senior’s Choice, the nation’s largest network of independent private duty companies, and all of our caregivers are carefully selected to ensure our clients are served safely, compassionately, and expertly by our highly-trained team of caregivers.

We serve elders from every sector of the population, and we never discriminate based on race, color, creed or socioeconomic background. Ultimately, our competitively-priced menu of elder care services makes it possible for the elderly to maintain as much independence as possible, by providing the appropriate in-home assistance and companionship.

This is a summary of our most popular services for seniors. Scheduling a free home assessment is the best way to assess which services are most needed for your loved one, and to begin assembling a long-term care plan. These consultations are free and entail no obligation on your end.

Finding the right caregiving team to support your loved one is essential. Give yourself the time to meet with a few different agencies before settling on the one that feels best to you.

Comprehensive Elder Care For Your Loved One

The following list of elder care services is an example of what we offer.

Personalization and customization of our offerings are at the heart of what we do, so please feel free to contact us online, or by phone – 202-333-3400 – to learn more about how we can support you or a senior loved one stay at home, independently, for as long as they need or want to.

Transportation and errand support

Once seniors lose the ability to drive, transportation assistance becomes one of the most important elder services we can provide. Our partnership with Uber Health allows caregivers or clients to arrange rides with vetted Uber drivers.

This enables seniors to get anywhere they need – or want – to go. Caregivers accompany the clients so they remain safe and sound every step of the way.

This service can be used to transport seniors to and from important medical appointments, and to attend their regular calendar of social and religious events. It also offers them a way to get out and about, enjoying a change of scenery.

Many seniors find this is the best way to get errands done, especially things like grocery shopping, which can be exhausting. Errands and grocery support maintain “business as usual” on the home front, while also keeping the cupboards stocked with fresh, healthy food.

Read, Safety Behind the Wheel, to learn more about how to transition unsafe drivers into the hands of caregivers you can trust.

Companionship and light house duty

First and foremost, our caregivers become automatic companions, providing routine wellness checks and high-quality visits, offering to do anything from reading or playing cards to listening to music or dancing.

These visits reduce the risk of loneliness or depression for seniors who live alone and also keeps you informed about the wellbeing of parents, grandparents or other senior relatives who live far away.

During these visits, our caregivers can also help by providing light housekeeping duties, including:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Linen changes
  • Light laundry

Meal planning and preparation

Just as grocery shopping becomes more of a challenge, so does food preparation. This puts seniors at risk for malnourishment, leading to weakness, the progression of dementia or other medical conditions, and just a general lack of interest.

Our grocery, meal planning and preparation services become essential. Our caregivers shop for healthy, diet-relevant ingredients and prepare nutritious and delicious meals that can be eaten with the caregiver-companion or tucked away for easy reheating in the days to come.

Overnight or live-in care

In some cases, the late-night and wee morning hours are the most critical. In this case, we can provide overnight or live-in care to ensure your loved one has company and is kept safe and taken care of, 24/7.

This service is important for seniors with progressing dementia or Alzheimer’s, and who refuse to move to an assisted living or memory care center.

Read, Preparing For Live-In Care, if you feel it’s time to increase in-home elder care services to a more full-time schedule.

Respite care

Is the bulk of your loved one’s elder care services coming from a spouse or family member?

Caregiving for a loved one is a never-ending job, and respite care is critical for preventing caregiver burnout. Respite care via a professional caregiver is available to allow family caregivers a little much-needed personal time and can even provide assistance if you’re planning a much-needed vacation.

Miscellaneous elder care services

  • Medication reminders
  • Exercise motivation and partnership
  • Mail reading and other basic home admin services
  • Dine out together
  • Pick-up prescriptions
  • Mail pick-up and postage errands

Reliable & Professional Elder Care Services

All of our elder care services listed above – both bolded and in bullet-points – are available a la carte, bundled, or can be mixed-and-matched. We’re happy to provide additional, customized elder care services based on the client’s need.

We look forward to putting your mind at ease – and providing everything you need to know about elder care services and how they can help your senior loved one enjoy a safer, more engaged and independent life in the comfort of his/her own home.

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