Georgetown Home Care knows that in order to be successful in caring for a person there are two components, the technical skills and the human skills. On the second component, we have worked with a company who truly understands the value to creating a better human connection, and in turn improving the senior care experience. Below is a description of who MemoryWell is and how the company is making a positive impact on senior care.

Words from MemoryWell:


Your story, well told.

Everyone has a story to tell. Perhaps you had a great love. Maybe you’re a war hero. Maybe you’re an everyday hero. Maybe you had that epic prank in high school, or caught that one monster fish or double eagled specularly. Whatever your story, whatever your legacy, we can help you capture it.

Life stories build emotional connections, and when told well, make it easier and faster to build bonds with family members, friends, or caregivers.

MemoryWell produces beautiful life stories written by our network of professional journalists. The process involves sending us a few photos, followed by a simple phone interview lasting less than an hour. The result is a hand-crafted life story of 400-800 words.

Our life stories are handy for:

  • Holidays or special occasions or gifts for family and friends of any age looking to share their memories in a professional format
  • People joining new communities like independent or assisted living
  • Home care recipients looking for more personalized attention and connections with their caregivers
  • Families with loved ones in memory care who want to tell the story of those who cannot tell their own.

What you get:

  • A printable PDF file of the life story of you or your loved one.
  • A custom life story page hosted on our web platform, which includes links to your favorite music, arts, videos and readings

MemoryWell preserves life legacies in a way that sparks deeper conversations. Contact us today to have your story told.


Georgetown Home Care:

Our founder Mr. Bradshaw had MemoryWell write his parents story. Typically MemoryWell writes for those who are still living, but stories can be crafted for those who have passed, as a testament to great lives lived.  You can read about the late Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw here.

If you would like to connect with MemoryWell, please feel free to contact them directly through their website, or we would be happy to make an introduction.