Is In-Home Care the Right Choice?

Answer a quick questionnaire to see if in-home care is the right choice for you or for your loved one.

1. Does your loved one manage to keep all of his or her appointments?
a. always (+0)
b. most of the time (+1)
c. occasionally (+2)
d. never (+3)

2. At dinner time, will your loved one be able to tell you what he or she had for breakfast?
a. always(+0)
b. most of the time(+1)
c. occasionally(+2)
d. never (+4)

3. Is your loved one capable of maintaining his or her household?
a. Definitely(+0)
b. somewhat(+1)
c. not at all (+4)

4. Does your loved one require a device to assist with walking?
a. yes(+3)
b. unsure (+0)
c. no (+0)

5. Does your loved one forget or require a reminder to take his or her medication?
a. always (+3)
b. frequently(+2)
c. infrequently(+1)
d. rarely

6. Has your loved one withdrawn his or herself from social circles/activities?
a. All (+4)
b. some(+2)
c. none (+0)

7. Has your loved one ever forgotten about something they put on the stove or in the oven, only to be reminded by someone else, the sound of an alarm, or a burning smell?
a. More than once (+4)
b. once(+2)
c. never (+0)

8. Does your loved one ever become disoriented, perhaps failing to recall where they are or the subject of a conversation they had just been taking part in?
a. Daily(+4)
b. occasionally(+2)
c. rarely(+0)

9. Have your loved one’s numerical or accounting skills declined in the past few years?
a. Significantly(+4)
b. somewhat(+2)
c. not at all (+0)


Got a zero?
Sit back and relax, your loved one can probably take care of you!

If you scored above 0,
then there is at least one thing our amazing staff can do to make you or your loved one’s life a little easier.

If you scored between 10 and 26,
you or your loved one is a perfect candidate for in-home care! It can be tough dealing with the changes of age, but that’s what we are here for!

If you scored 27 or higher,
there is much we can do to help, and we would truly love to! However, a trip to a primary care physician may be in order first, if one has not been made recently.

If you found yourself answering yes to most or many of these questions, your loved one may simply be getting old, but there is also a distinct possibility that your loved one is suffering from a progressive illness, such as dementia. If these questions have not been discussed recently with your loved one’s doctor, we recommend going in for a check-up, just to be safe.
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