How to Not Feel Guilty When Looking for a Care-Giver

When a loved one develops an illness or chronic condition that alone is a devastating circumstance. Add to that the feeling of not being able to care for them yourself, and you may be feeling upset and guilty. However, there are many reasons for needing to hire a caregiver. Perhaps your work and family situation is overwhelmingly busy. Maybe your loved one has health needs that you are not capable of handling. Whatever the reason you have for seeking a caregiver, please do not feel guilty because of your decision.

Coping with Serious Health Issues

If your loved one is struggling with an illness or chronic disease chances are they need professional care. While you may feel like you are capable of taking care of them, the truth is you may not have the skills to do the best job. For example, if your mother has lung cancer, taking care of her involves more than just pain management. You have to be able to recognize symptoms of associated illnesses that could cause grave concern in terms of the cancer diagnosis. Finding a professional caregiver whom is trained to work with clinically diagnosed patients is your best solution. These caregivers are the lifeline between your loved one and their medical team. Focus on the benefits you are providing your loved one by making this hiring decision.

Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Having someone in your life whom is seriously ill is stressful enough. However, when you are the person they depend on for constant care, this places an enormous amount of stress on you. This stress compounds with the guilt you have when you make the decision to hire a caregiver for help. Instead of feeling relief from the stress of day-to-day care for your loved one, you now feel guilt for asking for assistance. You should not have to experience these emotional issues in addition to the stressful situation of having a sick loved one. Here are ways you can combat stress along with guilt:

  • Take time for yourself by going to a movie, preferably a comedy, where you can escape the situation for an hour or so.
  • Go for an overnight stay at a nearby resort where you can get away from the stressful situation for a couple of days.
  • Read books, do crossword puzzles or work in an adult coloring book, such as “Secret Garden,” for expanses of a few minute-periods throughout the day to help you take your mind off of your guilt.
  • Go to a yoga class or take a meditation course to help you cope with your emotions.
  • Go for a bike ride, a walk through a downtown area, or a hike in a nature park to boost endorphins in your brain, aka happiness hormones, so you are less likely to suffer the negative effects of guilt or stress.

Finding ways to cope with stress allows you to feel more confident and in greater control when faced with the guilt of hiring a caregiver.

Outsourcing Senior Care Services

The best way to relieve yourself from the guilt of choosing a caregiver is to hire a professional. Having an expert with experience and training to do the best caregiving job possible will help you feel confident in your decision. Here at Georgetown Home Care it is our desire to provide you with good hearted and caring caregivers whom have the training and expertise that is vital to their occupation. We offer customized caregiving plans, along with a selection of prestigious caregivers whom are certified companion aides and certified hospice companion aides. Reach out to Georgetown Home Care today to connect with the perfect caregiver for your loved one.