Finding Transportation for Seniors in the DC Area

As people age, changes in mobility and vision often mean it’s time to stop driving your own car.  When you’ve been driving your whole life, it can be difficult to adjust at first, but seniors don’t have to sacrifice freedom even once they can no longer can drive.  The DC area has a whole range of transportation options for seniors who still need to get out and about, even if they aren’t driving themselves anymore.

Home Care Agencies

Most home care agencies can provide caregivers who drive.  On top of the normal charge for care, most home care agencies will charge a small fee for milage if the caregiver is driving their own car.  Often the caregivers have their own cars, but if you have a car that you’re no longer comfortable driving, your caregiver can drive you in your own car as well.


For smartphone users, Uber offers accessible vehicles for people with mobility problems.  They do not yet offer vehicles with wheelchair ramps, but UberXL vans can accommodate your mobility device if you are able to get into the car with help.


In DC; Bethesda, Montgomery and Prince George’s County; and Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church, WMATA offers wheelchair-accessible ride sharing.  MetroAccess does not offer same-day service, so make sure you remember to schedule your ride at least a day in advance.  The drivers do not carry cash, so you will need to bring your fare in exact change.  For more information, visit WMATA’s MetroAccess guide.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

In the DC area, Royal Transit and Yellow Paratransit offer wheelchair accessible taxis.  The taxi driver will be able to help you get in and out of the vehicle, but if you will need other help, you might want to have someone along to help you.  As with MetroAccess, usually it’s best to reserve your trip an hour or two in advance.  For more information, visit the DC Office of Human Rights.