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Solving Senior Transportation Concerns with Uber Health

At 10am, we receive a call from Mary, looking for home care for her mother, Patricia. Patricia lost her driver’s license about a year ago. Since then, she’s experienced increasing balance and mobility issues due to declining vision. Mary lives out of town but is visiting. She recognizes Patricia’s need for care at home. Our… Read more »

What is an Advance Directive?

If you are young and healthy, do you need an advance directive? If you are in poor health, do you need an advance directive? If you have discussed your wishes about health care decisions with your family, do you need an advance directive? The answer is to each of these questions is “yes.” Most people… Read more »

It Takes A Senior Village

Senior villages are local, non-profit organizations offering support and community services for aging-at-home seniors. They are all volunteer-driven, and aim to be the connection between volunteers and services needed for seniors in their community.  Services available vary widely based on the volunteer availability. Some common services include: grocery shopping transportation IT support home maintenance help gardening dog… Read more »