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Home Care vs. Home Health Care

When you think about home care, you may assume home care and home health care are the same. But that’s not the case. Each service provides tools to assist you or your loved one in different situations. Home care offers a range of services so you can enjoy living at home for as long as…

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It Takes A Senior Village

Senior villages are local, non-profit organizations offering support and community services for aging-at-home seniors. They are all volunteer-driven, and aim to be the connection between volunteers and services needed for seniors in their community.  Services available vary widely based on the volunteer availability. Some common services include: grocery shopping transportation IT support home maintenance help gardening dog…

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Pollen, Sneezing, Wheezing Oh My!

Here in the Washington DC area, spring is beautiful, but for many of us it brings .  We want to enjoy the flowers and trees in full bloom, but with each rainy day followed by a warm day, the pollen count worsens. Have you ever wondered if the DC metro area is among the worst…

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Avoiding Tax Scams for Seniors

It’s tax season, and with tax season come scammers looking to prey on seniors.  Even though most people are sure we won’t be fooled, getting caught by tax scams can happen to anybody.  The cost of getting caught up in a tax scam is often much higher for retired people, so it’s important you know…

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Preparing For Live-In Care

The economics and logic of bringing care into the home makes sense. But that doesn’t always make it easy. That’s especially true when caregiving moves to the full-time, 24-hour per day capacity. But, the more prepared clients and their families are, the easier the transition will be. There are a multitude of emotions experienced as…

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Avoiding Hospital Readmission: Home Support

When you’re coming home from the hospital, it’s important that you have all the support you need at home before you arrive.  You might need help managing your medications and preparing food, and it may be difficult to do household chores right away.  If you’re going home to stay with family, they can help out,…

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