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Category: Senior Activities

Safety Behind The Wheel

Many of our clients ask us how to determine if their senior loved one is still capable of getting behind the wheel. As you can imagine that is a very difficult question to answer and no two seniors’ situations are the same.  Taking away their ability to drive means taking away their independence.  Age should…

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Staying Young at Heart

Creating a meaningful relationship between seniors and children can have positive benefits for each generation. Children and seniors can teach each other about their favorite activities to sharpen the mind and keep the body fit. The connection can also stimulate better emotional and mental health for seniors who may be prone to depression and loneliness….

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See the World: Traveling Tips for Seniors

The wanderlust gene knows no age limit, and for seniors who have been bitten by the travel bug, traveling can be an exciting way to spend their golden years. Staying safe while globe-trotting comes with additional cautions for seniors. We spoke with Amanda Dunning, marketing manager for Elder Treks — a company that sets up…

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Senior Discounts

There are some perks to being a senior! Here are some fun national discounts or specials that seniors can enjoy with your company. Take them out for a fun day and make them feel special! 1. Have a night at the movies. Regal Entertainment, AMC and Cinemark all offer discounts to senior citizens. With Regal…

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