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When In-Home Care is Necessary

When visiting elderly parents, you may get the feeling that daily chores and tasks are a struggle for them to complete. There might be dirty dishes overflowing the sink or the elderly parent wears the same clothes every single day for a whole week. They might not be able to remember the last time they… Read more »

Study About Aging

A study  was conducted several years ago on understanding older adults’ expectations regarding aging and how these expectations influence healthcare-seeking behavior. The question was raised, if this population felt a general negativity towards the aging process could this help physicians identify situations in which older adults needlessly miss the opportunity to experience this model of… Read more »

Seniors and Driving Safety

“Older adults are actually not much more likely to be in car accidents, but they are more likely to suffer injury or die in one because their bodies are more susceptible to injury, and resulting medical complications are more likely.” This is most definitely not a new issue, but how do we know when it… Read more »

Transition from Hospital to Home

It is 8:30am, patient X, who we will call Joe has just received word that he will be discharged from the hospital today. He has been there for 5 days due to Pneumonia. The nurse hurries in and out trying to get all of his paperwork filled out and sent to the doctor and specialist… Read more »

18 Million Senior Citizens Need Help

“Nearly 18 million older adults, or nearly half of everyone older, report that they need some assistance with routine daily activities.” A recent article in Forbes describes a study, conducted by employees at the University of Michigan, which dives into just how many seniors in the US need help as they age. What stood out,… Read more »