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Improving Senior Financial Literacy

In 2004, the American Society on Aging sponsored a study to evaluate the financial knowledge of Americans age 50+, which included a survey of three simple yes/no questions that assessed the knowledge of the respondents on concepts such as inflation, risk diversification and interest rates.*At that time only one third of respondents could answer all… Read more »

The Hidden Cost-Savings Of Home Care For Seniors

While quality of life and quality of care are always priorities when researching long-term care options for seniors, cost is inevitably a factor. Costs of in-home care are determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors include your family member’s abilities, needs and desires – plus the needs and desires of other family members – which means… Read more »

Financial Planning For Your Senior Parents

As our parents age, financial challenges are inevitable. Unfortunately, the majority of people disregard this inevitability and is unprepared when this circumstance arises. Dealing with our parents in their later years can be trying, both emotionally and financially; however, the process can be simplified if you begin preparing before serious health problems arise. 1. Get… Read more »