What do you know about healthcare ethics?

This post is for all you RNs and social workers out there. We as a company offer continuing education courses (CE credits) at various hospitals to RN’s and social workers. The content of these presentations vary, but we find the information to be very useful for anyone in the healthcare field. Today we want to… Read more »

Nutrition For Seniors

What do you do when your appetite begins to change or starts to go away? How do you get the proper nutrition when you no longer want to eat the things that will provide just that? Many seniors or family and caregivers of senior are dealing with this issue. We have some helpful tips for… Read more »

Neighborhood Villages

Recently we have had a lot of postings on the subject of aging and what happens when you need frequent care. Something that occurred to us, what happens before that point? Where can you turn when you are only looking for a ride somewhere or help fixing a light bulb, or even reading emails? We… Read more »

Staying Safe at Home

If you or your loved one has made the decision to age gracefully at home, kudos to you! There are a few things to consider once this verdict has been reached, one is safety in the home. We wanted to share a few tips that can be very useful when remaining at home during the… Read more »

Taking Care of Seniors

Hello, We hope everyone has recovered from the most recent week of holiday celebration. Just a few words we wanted to share about an interesting article we came across. Getting old, it is a process. No matter who you are or where you come from, you are going to get old. It is a fact… Read more »