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Helping Elderly Parents Through Winter

child helping elderly parent enjoy the winter season

The winter season is risky for elderly parents – and not necessarily for the more obvious reasons that spring to mind. While cold temperatures, wet or icy conditions, and flu season are certainly things to prepare for – this time of year can take an emotional and energetic toll on seniors as well. The following… Read more »

Exercise For Seniors (Can You Be Too Old To Exercise?)

exercises for 65 year olds outdoors

You’re never too old to exercise. While fitness goals for older adults should be modified to accommodate any physical or medical concerns, the body needs to breathe, move, get the heart rate up, and physically engage with the world around it to be its best self. And, don’t forget that mental exercises count, too! Establishing… Read more »

Getting Paid To Take Care Of Elderly Parents

Fact: It is possible to gain compensation as a paid caregiver for a spouse or family member, such as elderly parents. Reality: Compensation is not much if you are currently working at a job that pays livable wages, especially if your employer provides your medical and retirement benefits. Research Carefully Before Becoming A Caregiver for… Read more »